The Walrus

“Hockey’s Puppy Mill”Walrus Magazine, December 2015. A teenager takes the Canadian Hockey League to court for exploitative labour practices. He finds out what happens when you go up against a country’s national mythology.

“Grow Industry: Marijuana prohibition is destined to end. Who will become the Seagrams of weed?”The Walrus (cover story), April 2013

“Modern Primitive” – The Walrus, September 2010

“Book Review: The Authenticity HoaxThe Walrus, Summer 2010

“Right of Passage: Will the promise of the Northwest Passage finally be realized?” The Walrus, January 2010

“Gaga for Gags: Behind the scenes of Canada’s hidden-camera hit, Just for Laughs Gags” – The Walrus, October 2009

“The All-Inclusive Exclusive: A week in a Cuban paradise until Hurricane Paloma hits” – The Walrus, March 2009

“Loneliest Planet: Europe” (Humour) The Walrus, July 2008

“Searching For Loneliness” (PDF)The Walrus, June 2007