Short Features

“Why It’s so Hard to Actually Work in Shared Offices” – The Walrus, February, 2018. “WeWork offers freelancers a chic workspace and beer on tap—but are people productive?”

“The Rattlers Revenge”Reader’s Digest, 2018. “When Jeremy Sutcliffe decapitated the poisonous snake, he assumed that would be the end of it. He was wrong.”

“Inside Frank + Oak’s big plan to expand its fashion brand to women” – Canadian Business, January 2017 (Cover story). 

“Shop Talk” The Walrus, September 2016. On Kim’s Convenience and Canadian television’s diversity problem.

“This Man Will Change the Way You Play Boardgames” Slate, August 2016. Rob Daviau and the legacy board game revolution.

“Two Pilots Were Flying from Oahu to Hawaii—Then They Heard the Engines Go Quiet” – Reader’s Digest (US), 2016

“If you Are What You Eat, America is Allrecipes” – Slate, May 2016. “The nation’s most popular recipe site reveals the enormous gap between foodie culture and what people actually cook”

“How Spin Master built a USS Enterprise drone that really flies”Canadian Business, April 2016. The process of developing a new toy—especially one with as many engineering challenges as a Star Trek drone—is a long road.

“All Hail Ashley Callingbull: from ‘pageant girl’ to powerhouse”Chatelaine (cover story), December 2015. A profile of the Cree pageant winner who became an outspoken champion of First Nations issues.

“We Got Game: On the rise of GTA basketball” The Grid (cover story, NMA nomination), October 2013

“Pandamonium: On our strange relationship with panda bears”Reader’s Digest (cover story, NMA nomination), November 2013

“Twisted Sisters: Profile of band Vag Halen”The Grid (cover story), May 2013

“Does ‘Linsanity’ do my Asian heritage a Lin-justice?” – Globe and Mail, February 2012

“Modern Primitive” – The Walrus, September 2010. 

“Right of Passage: Will the promise of the Northwest Passage finally be realized?” The Walrus, January 2010. 

“Gaga for Gags: Behind the scenes of Canada’s hidden-camera hit, Just for Laughs Gags” – The Walrus, October 2009

“The All-Inclusive Exclusive: A week in a Cuban paradise until Hurricane Paloma hits” – The Walrus, March 2009