At various times I have written a monthly books column at Canadian Business, a monthly sports column at Sharp Magazine, and a twice-weekly social-studies column at Hazlitt. This is a random selection of some of the pieces I remember.

“Watching Animals at the End of the World”Sharp Magazine, May 2019. 

“How Cooking Shows Helped Me Survive Becoming a New Dad”Sharp Magazine, May 2017

“‘Don’t be the Sucker’ and other nuggets of impossible advice gleaned from the world of daily fantasy sports”Sharp Magazine, December 2015

“The Monstrous Cruelty of a Just World” Hazlitt, January 2015. “It’s easy to want to believe that everything happens for a reason, but how does that affect the way we treat the people the universe has punished?”

“Is Watching People Play Video Games the Next Big Spectator Sport” Sharp Magazine, September 2015

“People Have Too Much Confidence” – Hazlitt, October 2014

“Meet the 0.01 %: On Chrystia Freeland’s PlutocratsCanadian Business, 2012

“A Scam Stranger than Fiction: On Guy Lawson’s OctopusCanadian Business, 2012