Other Mags

“All Hail Ashley Callingbull: from ‘pageant girl’ to powerhouse” – Chatelaine (cover story), December 2015. A profile of the Cree pageant winner who became an outspoken champion of First Nations issues.

“‘Don’t be the Sucker’ and other nuggets of impossible advice gleaned from the world of daily fantasy sports” – Sharp Magazine, December 2015

“Is Watching People Play Video Games the Next Big Spectator Sport” – Sharp Magazine, September 2015

“We Got Game: On the rise of GTA basketball” – The Grid (cover story, NMA nomination), October 2013

“Pandamonium: On our strange relationship with panda bears” – Reader’s Digest (cover story, NMA nomination), November 2013

“Twisted Sisters: Profile of band Vag Halen” – The Grid (cover story), May 2013

“Meet the 0.01 %: On Chrystia Freeland’s Plutocrats– Canadian Business, 2012

“The Mom Who Died Twice” – Reader’s Digest, November 2011

“A Scam Stranger than Fiction: On Guy Lawson’s Octopus – Canadian Business, 2012

“Kosher Superheroes” Guilt and Pleasure, Spring 2006

“Parallel Lives: The Art of the Parking-Lot Attendant” – Maisonneuve Magazine, 2005

“Graphic Nostalgia: Today’s Cartoonists Draw the Past” – Maisonneuve Magazine, 2005

“Our Building Has Furriers” – Maisonneuve Magazine, December 2004