LOTR: The Musical: The Musical!

Book and lyrics by Nicholas Hune-Brown and Ben King

Music by Nicholas Hune-Brown

Directed by Lorna Wright

Lorna Wright and Graham Losee in "LOTR: The Musical: The Musical!"

Tap-dancing hobbits! An Elvish choir! Ben Mulroney! It’s the true(ish) story behind the funniest flop in Toronto history!

On the night of the Academy Awards, 2004, three men sit alone in front of their televisions.  The recently-elected mayor is trying to bring tourists back to a city ravaged by SARS.  A famed British director needs a hit to revive his flagging career. And a young writer is living in his mother’s basement, paying off OSAP and desperate for a break.  But when these three men decide that a $27 million musical version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy trilogy is the answer to all of their problems, things don’t go “orc-sactly” as expected.

Featuring balletic orcs, a duet between Gollum and himself, and 10 original songs, “The Lord of the Rings: The Musical: The Musical!” is the funniest show based on a musical about hobbits you’ll ever see!

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